You too can understand the Purdue language.  Below is a list of acronyms and jargon used at Purdue. 

Advance – University Development data

APSAC – Administrative and Professional Staff Advisory Committee

AY – Academic Year

Banner – Student, Financial Aid, Student Accounts Receivable data

BICC – Business Intelligence Competency Center


BoilerConnect – technology platform for advisors and student affairs staff members that combines predictive analytics with communication and workflow tools to help support students

Boiler Insight – houses the data and reports for Purdue Data Warehouse (PDW)

BOSO – Business Office for Student Organizations

CAPS – Counseling and Psychological Services

CARE – Center for Advocacy, Response, and Education

CCO – Center for Career Opportunities

CELD – Civic Engagement and Leadership Development office

CIE – Center for Instructional Excellence

CIP – Classification of Instructional Programs

CODO – Change of Degree Objective

COEUS – Sponsored Program data

DFA – Division of Financial Aid

DFA – Director of Financial Affairs (in business area of academic units)

DFW rate – rate of D’s, F’s, and withdraws in a course

DRC – Disability Resource Center

EDW – Enterprise Data Warehouse

EFC – Expected Family Contribution

EMAR – Enrollment Management Analysis and Reporting

FTE – Full Time Equivalent

FTFT – First-Time, Full-Time

FY – Fiscal Year

HR – Human Resources

IDAP – Institutional Data Analytics Platform (https://www.purdue.edu/oirae/documents/OIRAE_Briefings/IDAP_July_2016.pdf)

ISS – International Students and Scholars

myPurudePlan – DegreeWorks data

ODOS – Office of the Dean of Students

ODS – Operational Data Store

OIRAE – Office of Institutional Research, Assessment and Effectiveness

PDW – Purdue Data Warehouse

PRF – Purdue Research Foundation

PWL – Purdue West Lafayette

SAP – HR, Finance, Travel, Procurement data

SAP – Satisfactory Academic Progress (primarily in the area of financial aid)

Slate – Prospect data for student recruitment

SPS – Sponsored Program Services

UCC – University Core Curriculum

UD – University Development

URM – Underrepresented Minority

UT – UniTime (space and academic scheduling data)


Additional Resources:

Advising: https://www.purdue.edu/advisors/tools/acronyms.html (has not been updated in a while but will be updated in the near future)

SPS: https://www.purdue.edu/business/sps/pdf/abvlist.pdf (has not been updated since 11/11/11)

HR: https://www.purdue.edu/hr/HR_Operations/BPM/HR_Master_Data.html (updated 6/1/17)