BICC Projects & Enhancements

BICC projects and enhancements are submitted through PPM Pro. When submitting work for the BICC, please make sure to include "BICC" as the start of your title to make sure it gets properly routed to our team. Once those submissions make it to our queue, we add those requests to our stories and ultimately they get worked on during a sprint. If you need to request access to either of the following lists or have any questions, please contact us at

BI Stories

All work that is submitted in addition to internal maintenance tasks become stories which can be viewed on our BI Stories list. We meet regularly with our partners who submit requests to prioritize and refine stories to the point in which they are ready for our BI Developers to begin work. If a story cannot be completed within our normal sprint timeline, a story may be broken up into several sub-stories which is the case for more project sized requests.

BI Sprints

When stories have been prioritized with our partners and specifications have been created for our developers, we add them to our BI Sprints list to the appropriate sprint. The name of the sprint is the day in which the work will go to production. This list allows our partners to monitor the work as it moves throughout the development lifecycle to the point at which it is ready for them to test. To view upcoming release dates, please check out our release schedule.