About Cognos

Cognos is a web-based suite of tools from IBM that offers a full range of business intelligence capabilities including reports, analysis, dashboards, scorecards, mobile BI and more.  Cognos is Purdue's primary BI tool and is used to access many of the university's BI environments including Student ODS/EDW, the Finance and HR data marts, and GM AIMS.

Cognos Licensing levels are as follows:

  • Consumer - users are licensed to consume existing or standard reports as needed using the Cognos web portal.  Users with this license generally consume existing reports to complete their daily tasks and are not required to know the data at a detailed level.  Basic data training is required for this role.
  • Authoring - the report writing tool used to build reports.


For student data, see the Student ODS/EDW access page for steps on requesting access.

For business data, see the HR/FI access page for steps on requesting access.

For additional help within Cognos after gaining access, review the Cognos Resources page for additional information for all Cognos users.

Maintenance Window

The standard Cognos maintenance window is Saturdays from 3:45PM to midnight. Additional outages will be communicated.