Student Data

Request a Cognos License for Student Data

Before starting, you must be current on all required certifications including FERPA, GLBA, Data Handling, and Protecting SSN's. Please note that FERPA and GLBA expire yearly. You can check your certification status on the Purdue Certifications page.

You should receive a notice approximately 30 days before expiration. Be sure to re-certify when you receive the warning so that your access to student data will not be interrupted.

Then to receive a license, your approved role requestor must fill out the role request form.

Standard Content  

Reports that have been through the vetting and validation process and approved by the appropriate   university department who "owns" the data used. Users of validated reports can be assured that the information it provides is accurate.


There are two sources of metadata for ODS/EDW:

  1. The vendor-provided version
  2. Purdue-written metadata documents have been posted on the OIRAE website and are available with a PU login. The documents list the field name, provide sample content, and list comments and cautions for using the data. The first group contains searchable PDFs for Student Detail, FRZ Student PWL, and an alpha list of ODS/EDW fields. More packages will appear in the future.

How do I receive support?

Contact Student ODS/EDW at

For additional student information go to