Cognos Reporting Tool Training

Users consuming data from enterprise resources use Cognos as their primary reporting tool for operational data.  The courses listed below are based on user roles and licensing.  Please review the roles needed for your position with your supervisor.

COG 101 - Cognos Analytics Navigation

Introductory course for ALL Cognos users. A Cognos license is REQUIRED in order to take this course. Click here to request a Cognos license. The course covers basic navigation, report usage features, folder and report properties, and report output options. 

Cognos Analytics Navigation Training Manual

COG 111 - Cognos Analytics Scheduler

Completion of COG 101 is required. A Cognos license is REQUIRED in order to take this course. In this course, you will create scheduled report output within the Cognos portal for email distribution or viewing within Cognos Analytics. User best practices and scheduler properties and options are also covered. 

Cognos Analytics Scheduler Manual

Creating a Cognos Schedule Video - a demonstration of creating a schedule, including creating a report view and setting prompt selections.

COG 401 - Cognos Analytics Authoring

Completion of COG 101 or HR/FI Data Training is required. A Cognos license is REQUIRED in order to take this course. For an optimal training experience, it is RECOMMENDED to have Cognos Authoring Capabilities before viewing the instructional videos. Cognos Analytics Authoring is currently a self-paced video course offering report authoring capabilities including advanced formatting and filtering, prompt generation, and paging controls. The Authoring tool allows for a robust experience in data handling and report construction. Videos to be watched will be provided prior to the training session date and a Question and Answer via Teams will be scheduled on the training session date to cover any questions resulting from the video content. Run time of videos is just under two hours.  To register for the course, select the "COG 401 - Cognos Analytics Authoring" link above. 

Alternatively, if you would like to watch the videos outside of a scheduled training, you can access them via the Cognos Videos page.  They are located in the "Cognos Analytics Authoring" section. 

In addition to the videos, below are authoring resources:

IBM - Getting started in Cognos - Reporting Webpage

IBM Cognos Analytics - Reporting Version 11.2 User Guide 

Cognos Authors Links and Resources