How do I request Student ODS/EDW data access?

Requesting Student Data Access

  1. Before starting, you must be current on all required certifications including: 
    • FERPA
    • GLBA
    • Data Handling
    • Protecting SSN's
  2. You should receive a notice approximately 30 days before expiration. Be sure to re-certify when you receive the warning so that your access to student data will not be interrupted. You can check on your certification status, here:
  3. To receive student data access, your approved role requester must fill out the role request form for you.  Please view the role requester list to identify your role requester. 
  4. Your authorized role requester will fill out the student system role request form

Requesting a Cognos License

To receive a Cognos license, please see the Cognos Access page.  Users will automatically be subscribed to the Cognos mailing list for information on upgrades and system downtimes.