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Executive Data Council

The Executive Data Council (EDC) was formed in March 2020 to establish policies and common business practices to ensure that Purdue West Lafayette institutional information is made reliable, accurate, and available to those with authorized access; interpreted consistently across the university; reported appropriately and reliably to external agencies and constituents; and optimized to enable the strategic use of data.

The Council oversees the three data governance committees:

  • Data Stewards
  • Quality Data Experience
  • Training & Communication

The Council is the primary decision-making group, and members establish and review policies and ensure data governance adoption and engagement across the organization. The Council is responsible for:

  • assessing and prioritizing data issues for resolution
  • resolving cross-functional issues
  • ensuring resources are available as needed

The Council is also responsible for collective decision-making around substantive changes to organization data collection, maintenance, access, and use within their functional area. These changes generally will be reflected in policies, procedures and guidelines to be submitted to the Council. Chairs of each of the three data governance committees attend Executive Data Council meetings.

More information is available in the Executive Data Council's charter.

Membership (as of 12/8/2023)

Name Title
Cherise Hall EDC Chair, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management
Molly Amstutz Director, Institutional Data Analytics + Assessment and Chief Data Officer
Sarah Bauer Institutional Data Governance Program Manager
Andrew Bean Associate Vice President, Finance & Accounting
Amy Boyle Vice President for Human Resources
Mike Budzik Assistant Director, BI Operations and Development
Amanda Carlson Director of Integrated Analytics, Administrative Operations
Rita Clifford Executive Director, IT Enterprise Solutions
Eva Nodine Vice President / Deputy CFO, Finance
David Robledo Executive Director of External Data Analytics
Stephanie Willis Director, SPS Information and Support Services