Cognos and Tableau Offboarding Checklist

When an employee is set to depart their job position, the below checklist should be used by the supervisor to ensure content is transitioned for the department correctly and in the most efficient manner.  Steps that are critical to address before staff departs contain one asterisk (*).  If these tasks are not completed before departure, content may fail and the consumer may receive invalid results in their reports or dashboards.  The step that contains double asterisks (**) is also critical, but may need to be completed post departure. 

1.  Does staff member have a Cognos license?

a.  Request Object Ownership and Security Provisioning reports to identify the reports/folders where the staff member is referenced by name in the security permissions.  Send request to

i.  Remove report/folder permissions and alter ownership where desired.

ii.  If large number of reports/folders need updated, request assistance for bulk updates.

b.  Review Cognos usage with departing staff member to evaluate if any of the business functions from those runs should be transferred to another in the department OR run Cognos Usage report by username.

c.  *Scheduled reports:  Evaluate and discuss staff member’s report schedules.  If need a list of the schedules owned by the staff member, send request to for assistance. 

i.  Review and transfer ownership of those reports that need to continue to run.  See “Transfer Ownership of a Schedule” QRC for these steps.  For bulk transfers, please contact the

d.  Disposition of My content objects to evaluate if reports need to be moved to another in the department.

e.  Disposition of saved output to evaluate for clean-up or consolidation.

f.  **If staff member has access to student data, request their Cognos access to be removed through the Student Systems Role Request form.  The staff member’s authorized role requestor must complete this form.  Note:  Staff with Boiler Insight access will automatically lose their Boiler Insight access upon departure from their position since Boiler Insight access is position based.  Therefore, there is no need to request Cognos access removal for Boiler Insight access.

2.  Does staff member have a Tableau license?

a.  *Discuss with employee what needs to be transitioned. 

i.  Please note that extracts that were published by the staff member may need to have ownership changed. If need assistance, work with your Tableau Project Leader.

b.  *Deactivate or transfer Tableau license.  See "Deactivate Tableau Key" QRC for deactivation steps or "Reassign Tableau Key" QRC for transfer steps.  Contact if assistance is needed.

c.  *Review permissions on projects and sub projects and remove staff member where provisioned (please note they may be provisioned by name or through AD group). If provisioned through AD group, you can email if you need assistance in identifying group memberships.  For removal of permissions, work with your Tableau Project Leader if needed.