“Undergraduate research allows students to develop professionally and personally. Research experiences give students an opportunity to gain a deeper knowledge of research techniques and processes, apply classroom learning in real-world contexts, explore academic literature, and form meaningful relationships with faculty members and professional researchers.”

Padmaja A., et al (2015) Importance of Research at Undergraduate Level. In: Natarajan R. (eds) Proceedings of the International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education. Springer, New Delhi

As a Purdue faculty, graduate student, or post-doctorate, you have the unique opportunity to invite undergraduate students into your field to explore, expand, and understand deeper concepts typically not touched in courses.

The Council on Undergraduate Research defines undergraduate research as: “An inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate student that makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline.”

Some resources that may be of interest to faculty include:

Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR)

Web Guide to Research for Undergraduates (WebGURU)

Association for Undergraduate Education at Research Universities (formally, the Reinvention Collaborative)

OURConnect - Purdue's internal undergraduate research and mentoring platform