First-Year Student Information

The Purdue First-Year Undergraduate Research Program provides new Boilermakers an academic-year experience to prepare and conduct research with expert Purdue researchers.

Application review will start November 10, 2021 and will continue until full!

Through this new program, student participants will:

  1. Prepare for research with other new students in face-to-face courses provided by the Office of Undergraduate Research each semester.
  2. Conduct an authentic paid research project with a Purdue mentor and peer mentor.
  3. Develop a network of faculty, staff, upper-class students, and other first-year students.

Students who participate in this program will gain valuable skills employers and graduate schools are seeking and will learn how to discuss them with future Purdue programs such as communication, teamwork, critical thinking, and technical skills.

First-Year Undergraduate Research Program Timeline

Fall 2021 - Apply to participate in the First-Year Undergraduate Research Program

  • For GPA: Include 5.0 since you do not have a Purdue GPA, and because this is unnecessary for this program.
  • For resumé/transcript: Upload blank documents for now. You will start creating them in your first semester.

Spring 2022 - Complete the in-person undergraduate research preparation course (ILS 295 - Introduction to Research Fundamentals)

Fall 2022 - Complete a paid research project with a faculty mentor, a peer mentor, and complete the in-person undergraduate research support course (ILS 280 - Understanding Your Undergraduate Research Experience I)

*Summer 2022 is available to conduct a research project outside of the formal First-Year Program.

This timeline includes the 1-credit preparation seminar course to learn the basics of undergraduate research and the value of the experience with other first-year students. This course prepares students to begin a research project in the upcoming fall semester with a 1-credit research support course to discuss valuable skills as a researcher. Students will apply to specific research projects in the spring/summer semester. While completing the research project, first-year students will be mentored by a current undergraduate research mentor and the research project mentor. The application portal for this track is currently open and can be accessed through OURConnect.


How to apply:

First-Year Student Application Guide

Statement of Interest Form (.docx)