OUR Ambassador Information

The Purdue Undergraduate Research Ambassadors promote undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative endeavors to the Boilermaker community and help the Purdue Office of Undergraduate Research develop and implement student-focused programming that represent the diverse array of disciplines and students.

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OUR Ambassadors are expected to:

  • Be an undergraduate or professional student in good academic and student-life standing.
  • Actively conducting undergraduate research or creative scholarship, or have previously completed.
  • Attend monthly meetings.
  • Participate in at least 20 hours of activities per semester:
    • Engage in regular training provided by the OUR to complete various functions as an OUR Ambassador.
    • Develop and lead programming and seminars in classes, to student organizations, and during OUR workshops.
    • Host peer advising hours to provide guidance to students navigating research experiences.
    • Work with the OUR on undergraduate research-related events and programs, especially for the Fall Expo in November and the Spring Conference in April.
  • Enthusiastically describe their undergraduate research experience to a general audience.
  • Provide recommendations to the OUR on how to better serve students seeking undergraduate research opportunities.

OUR Ambassadors have the opportunity to:

  • Support students who are interested in getting involved in undergraduate research.
  • Develop workshops and informational sessions to assist students interested in undergraduate research.
  • Present in courses, student organization meetings, and OUR seminars about undergraduate research.
  • Deliver short presentations to Purdue VIPs and elected officials, when needed.
  • Market undergraduate research events and opportunities through social media.
  • Plan undergraduate research events.
  • Share feedback with OUR administrators on how to improve outreach efforts and programming.
  • Meet with administrators, faculty, and prospective students to represent the Office of Undergraduate Research.

Program Benefits

To support and recognize OUR Ambassadors in their work, they will receive an OUR branded polo to wear during events and a $200 fellowship at the end of each academic-year semester after meeting expectations. 


Upon successful participation in the OUR Ambassador Program, students will gain skills and knowledge in:

  • Targeting a positive message about undergraduate research to large and small crowds;
  • Networking with faculty, academic professionals, and other researchers; and
  • Developing leadership skills of teamwork and initiative

... to increase competitiveness for graduate/professional school, employment, and future research endeavors.

Spring 2023 OUR Ambassador Invitation Flier. Applications due 1/27, Email JJSadler at purdue.edu for more information. Spring 2023 Ambassador Information