Student Mentor Information

Peer research mentors are leaders within the Purdue undergraduate research community who support incoming Boilermakers during their first research experience. Peer mentors create an engaging and supportive environment through sharing successes and challenges as a new researcher and Boilermaker.

The Purdue First-Year Undergraduate Research Program's peer mentor position is valuable to students who plan to attend graduate school and to those who strive to achieve a supervisory role in the industry they choose to pursue. If you are a current or past undergraduate researcher, you can apply to be a student peer mentor for the spring 2022/fall 2022 semester program through OURConnect. Participation during the Fall 2022 semester is compensated for your time at 10 hours/week.

Application review will begin November 10, 2021 and continue until full.

Additional Program Information

The Purdue First-Year Undergraduate Research Program provides new Boilermakers an academic-year experience to prepare and conduct research with expert Purdue researchers. Student mentors are vital to this Program through peer-to-peer advice, guidance, and support. 

Through this academic-year program, student peer mentors will:

  1. Be trained on how to serve as a mentor using the "Entering Mentoring" curriculum in a preparation seminar course during the fall semester.
  2. Mentor a group of first-year undergraduate researchers during their spring project.
  3. Receive compensation for 10 hours a week during the spring project while actively mentoring first-year students.

Peer mentors are part of the mentorship team for the first-year student alongside an expert faculty or staff research mentor. Peer mentors will lead group and individual reflection activities to ensure their transition from a new student to a student researcher is as effective as possible. Peer mentors will attend the first-year students' support class during the spring semester as a teaching assistant - similar to a supplemental instructor.

Student Peer Mentor Timeline

Fall 2021 - Student peer mentors will apply to be in the program

Spring 2022 - Selected peer mentors will take an in-person mentor training course (ILS 495 - Research Mentor Training)

Fall 2022 - Training peer mentors will contribute to the mentorship of a second-year student alongside the project's research mentor while attending the course their mentees are taking.

The student peer mentors are trained during the spring 2022 semester and mentor first-year students while they are conducting their fall 2022 projects. During the fall 2022, student peer mentors are compensated for leading activities and attending the first-year course as teaching assistants.

Apply to be a Student Peer Mentor

If you are a current or past undergraduate researcher, you can apply to be a student peer mentor for the  through OURConnect