Purdue Research Mentor Information

The Office of Undergraduate Research seeks Purdue researchers interested in mentoring incoming students on projects during the Spring 2022 semester. Student participants will be compensated for 8-10 hours of weekly research work during the semester while attending a research support seminar. The Purdue research mentor is a component of the first-year student's mentorship team along with an undergraduate research peer mentor. 

Benefits of Mentoring Purdue First-Year Undergraduate Research Program Students

  • Serve as a welcoming presence on campus as a disciplinary expert and mentor
  • Involve students early in their collegiate career with authentic and compensated research work
  • Provide mentorship that may have been valuable or much needed in your own research success
  • Connect with new Boilermakers early in their collegiate career to help target future teaching and/or mentoring roles

Submit Your Project to be a First-Year Research Mentor

If you are interested in hosting a first-year student during Spring 2022, please "Submit a New Project" on OURConnect under the "First-Year Research Program" heading. Please contact ourconnect@purdue.edu if you have any issues or questions about this process.

Additional Program Information

The Purdue First-Year Undergraduate Research Program provides new Boilermakers an academic-year experience to prepare and conduct research with expert Purdue researchers who may not have considered research while attending Purdue. These students will take a research preparation course during the fall semester and then would work alongside you during the spring semester while taking a research skills course.


Information provided to the first-year students | Information provided to the peer mentors