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climber​This year’s Indiana Tree Climbing Competition has come to a close, with Purdue’s Casey Johnson finishing first place in the preliminary events and Jon Montgomery winning the Masters Challenge and going on to the international competition in San Antonio next spring.

Purdue’s public radio station highlighted the event in an article titled “A Different Kind of Athlete: Competitive Tree Climbers Compete In Indiana Championship“. From the article:

“What it does is mimics what you do in a work production standpoint, only in a competition environment,” says Lindsey Purcell, who teaches forestry at Purdue and serves as president of the Indiana Arborists Association. “I mean, I call them tree athletes. Instead of ‘triathletes’ I call them ‘tree athletes,’ because you not only have to understand the physiology and biology of the tree, but you also have to be athletic to get to work.”

To read more, check out WBAA’s article. For this year’s scores and more information on the competition, check out Indiana Arborist Association’s Tree Climbing Competition page.

A Different Kind of Athlete: Competitive Tree Climbers Compete In Indiana Championship – WBAA
Tree Climbing Competition – Indiana Arborist Association
International Tree Climbing Championship – International Society of Arboriculture

Lindsey Purcell, Urban Forestry Specialist
Purdue Forestry & Natural Resources

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