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Seafood is more than just fish caught in the ocean. It includes a wide variety of product types, forms, flavors, and textures. One of the great things about using seafood is its versatility—it can be served as a main course or be used as an ingredient for appetizers, salads, and soups. Packed with important nutrients the human body needs to maintain good health, it is an excellent source of protein to include on your shopping list. Being informed about both the benefits and potential concerns with different types of seafood can help you decide which products to add to your cart or order at a restaurant.Seafood Basics Pub Cover

This toolkit, designed specifically for nutrition and wellness professionals and educators, will provide you with information and resources to help you talk to your clients about the complex food category known as seafood. You will learn about the basics of seafood, nutrition benefits of including seafood as part of a healthy eating pattern, concerns about safety, tips for purchasing seafood, and ideas for cooking demonstrations. We’ve included simple and tasty recipes that you can use to introduce your clients to the many flavors of fish and shellfish, links to downloadable and printable handouts, and sample social media posts that you can use to inform and inspire.

This toolkit is geared toward extension staff who teach nutrition and wellness. It includes both printable and digital elements that can be shared with clients based on interest and need.

To receive the free download and recipe visit the Purdue Extension’s resource center: The Education Store – Seafood Basics: A Toolkit for Understanding Seafood, Nutrition, Safety and Preparation, and Sourcing.

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Amy Shambach, Aquaculture Marketing Outreach Associate
Purdue Department of Forestry and Natural Resources/Illinois Indiana Sea Grant Program

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