Amy Michelle Shambach

Amy Shambach

Forestry and Natural Resources

Regional Aquaculture Marketing Extension Specialist
195 Marsteller Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2033

Why Extension?

Tell us about your background?
Amy Shambach is Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant's (IISG) aquaculture marketing outreach associate who works with the aquaculture industry in the USDA’s North Central Regional Aquaculture Center. Her work focuses on the demand side of domestic farm raised seafood products. She provides outreach and extension services to producers, potential producers, and consumers. Along with Dr. Kwamena Quagrainie, producers, aquaculture associations, and consumers she works to determine the needs of stakeholders.

Amy came to Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant and Purdue University from private aquaculture production. She has worked in Indiana raising aquatic species since 2010. She has experience with a variety of indoor systems, including flow through, recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) and biofloc. She has worked with all phases of production from brood stock to grow out in a variety of species. Her background also includes growing yellow perch, largemouth bass, hybrid bluegill, tilapia, rainbow trout, red claw crayfish and marine shrimp. Amy holds a BS in biology from Ball State University with a focus on aquatic biology.