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The podcast series housed within the Natural Research University network delivers expert-based knowledge of natural resource management. The network is a partnership between the extension services at several land-grant university, including Mississippi State Extension Service, University of Florida Extension, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and Purdue Extension. Funding for the project comes from the Renewable Resources Extension Act.Habitat University Cover Page

Check out the new podcast in the Habitat University, hosted by Jarred Brooke and Adam Janke, discusses the science behind wildlife habitat management and how landowners and manages can use different habitat management practices to improve their land for wildlife. This podcast is part of the larger podcast network Natural Resources University (NRU), funded by the Renewable Resources Extension Act (RREA).

In the final episode of this second season, Jarred and Adam review the conversations we’ve had on the theme of private lands habitat conservation, discuss some things “left on the bone,” and share with the listeners where Habitat University is heading in the new year! Be sure to check out the previous episodes in the podcast, including those from Season 2 discussed in this episode, and Season 1 if you haven’t already! And as always please help us improve the podcast by taking this Habitat University Listener Feedback Survey.

To listen to this episode, please visit Habitat University.

The Natural Resources University podcasts are available through the individual podcast websites, through the NRU podcast main hub or wherever podcasts are available to download.

Check out this article regarding the NRU groups award received: Purdue Forestry and Natural Resources News & Stories, Natural Resources University Podcasts Earn ANREP Gold Award .

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