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Wild Bulletin, Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Fish and Wildlife: Our latest Fishing Guide features women anglers, responsible fishing practices, a delicious French-style walleye recipe, and the regulations you need for having a successful day fishing in Indiana’s2024 fishing guide cover waters.

You can find the free guide online or pick up a hard copy at your local license retailer.

This guide provides a summary of Indiana fishing regulations. These regulations apply only to fish that originate from or are taken from Indiana’s public waters. Fish from public waters that migrate into or from private waters are still covered by these regulations. These regulations do not apply to fish in private waters that did not originate from public waters.

This guide is not intended to be a complete digest of regulations. If you need complete versions of Indiana rules and regulations for fishing, they can be found in Indiana Code or in Indiana Administrative Code Title 312.

To view this new guide, please visit Indiana Department of Natural Resources: Fishing Guide & Regulations.

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