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You can improve the taste and enjoyment of your wild venison by following a few important tips that our extension specialists and educators shared in the FNR Facebook LIVE session from November 12th.

Many easy step by step resources are available and were shared in the video including How to Score Your White-tailed Deer to Cutting, Grinding & Packaging.  More Purdue Extension – Forestry and Natural resources:

Video Series:
Handling Harvested Game: Episode 1, Field Dressing
Handling Harvested Game: Episode 2, Hanging & Skinning
Handling Harvested Game: Episode 3, Deboning
Handling Harvested Game: Episode 4, Cutting, Grinding & Packaging

Feel free to continue to send in your deer questions to the Ask an Expert web page. If you have any other questions regarding trees, forest management, wildlife, wood products or natural resource be sure to submit those questions by utilizing the Ask an Expert.

Publications and More Videos:
White-Tailed Deer Post Harvest Collection, video, The Education Store, Purdue Extension resource center
Deer Harvest Data Collection, Got Nature? Blog, Purdue Extension-Forestry & Natural Resources (FNR)
Age Determination in White-tailed Deer, video, The Education Store
How to Build a Plastic Mesh Deer Exclusion Fence, The Education Store
Purchase Your 2020-2021 Hunting License, Now Available Online, Got Nature? Blog, Purdue Extension-FNR
Indiana Hunting & Trapping Season 2020-2021 (pdf), Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Department of Fish & Wildlife
Indiana Hunting & Trapping Guide, IN DNR, Department of Fish & Wildlife

Jarred Brooke, Wildlife Extension Specialist
Purdue Department of Forestry and Natural Resources

Jonathan Ferris, Wayne County Extension Director
Purdue Extension

Dave Osborne, County Extension Director
Purdue Extension

Rod N Williams, Professor of Wildlife Science
Purdue University Department of Forestry and Natural Resources

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