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American Eagle Foundation: Our native vultures play a crucial role in reducing the spread of disease. However, as black vulture population increases, so too have reports of human-wildlife interactions. Researchers at Purdue University are currently performing research to better understand reports of black vulture depredation on livestock, and their ultimate goal is to find solutions that protect both livestock and birds.

AEF interviewed Dr. Pat Zollner, Dr. Zhao Ma, doctoral student Marian Wahl, and Ph.D. alumna Brooke McWherter for insight into their important research.

Check out the great information in this video discussing how this research was started and the concerns shared to the USDA office from state offices and the public.

Find out what types of vulture species are here in the United States and their roles in the story Protect Our Native Vultures, American Eagle Foundation.

Vultures have a role to play as nature’s garbagemen, cleaning up animal carcasses. If you have any questions regarding this research, or have any experiences to share, contact Marian Wahl.

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