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Community Development website with Community Planning/Renewable Energy resources.Question: What resources does Purdue Extension have on wind energy/contracts?

Answer: Purdue Extension has wind energy resources and information through the Purdue Extension – Community Development program. This program strengthens the capacity of local leaders, residents, businesses, and organizations to build resilient, inclusive and sustainable communities through research-based resources and processes. The team actively partners with a variety of state-level entities, including state agencies, private and nonprofit organizations, as well as universities and colleges. Such partnerships have facilitated the launch of applied research projects, the development of innovative educational programs and the delivering of technical assistance and non-formal education programs that are designed to meet the unique needs of Indiana communities and regions.

Under “Community Planning” you will find the resources and information for Renewable Energy.  Learn more about the Purdue Extension Land Use Team as you visit the overview and find contacts, events, publications, general renewable energy, solar and wind resources.

Here are just a few of the resources listed on the Community Development-Community Planning-Wind Energy web page:
Agricultural Impact Statements: Wind Farms – State of Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection
This article provides construction recommendations for commercial scale wind farms on farmland located specifically in the state of Wisconsin. This resource has links to licenses, permits, impact statements and groundwater quality reports that all pertain to the impacts of wind turbines on green-fields and the surrounding areas.

An Examination of the Community Level Dynamics Related to the Introduction of Wind Energy in Indiana
A team of researchers from Purdue University focused on where wind farm projects have and have not been located and examined socio-economic conditions that have resulted since the wind farms were (or were not) installed and made operational.

Blowing in the Wind: The Answer to Farmland Preservation – University of Michigan
This resource highlights the ways commercial wind farms can be used to preserve farmland and farming communities. This resource also emphasizes that wind farms are another source of income for farmers without having to sell their land.

Does my Land Qualify for a Wind Lease, LandGate Resources
This article highlights the requirements of a proper site for a commercial wind farm. These requirements include acreage, power grid access and the quality of the land. Included is a wind land estimator, designed to provide a rough estimate of a possible wind lease.

Sample Zoning for Wind Energy Systems – Michigan State University Extension
This publication presents a zoning ordinance sample amendment for utility-scale wind energy systems and smaller wind electric generation systems for an individual business or home.

These resources are just a glimpse from the Community Development program which shares many aspects of wind energy, along with other community planning, community economics and workforce development, community health, leadership and civic engagement. If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to the Renewable Energy Team.

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Purdue Extension Community Development

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