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Bluegill, also called bream, brim, sunfish, or panfish, are freshwater finfish in the Centrarchidae family. The native range includes the St. Lawrence-Great Lakes and Mississippi River basins from New York to Minnesota south to the Gulf; and Atlantic and Gulf Slope drainages from Virginia to Florida and Texas to New Mexico. They are found in slow moving streams, lakes, ponds, and reservoirs. They have deep bodies; tall and flat sides; and bluish coloration on the gill covers, or operculum. A dark spot at the base of the dorsal fin, small mouth, and vertical bars on the sides distinguish them from similar species. Often breeding with other sunfish species, resulting offspring can be distinctly shaped and colored.Bluegill Fish Fact Sheet Cover

Where do the bluegill I eat come from?

Bluegill and hybrid bluegill are farmed primarily for recreational stocking or for forage/bait for larger gamefish, and naturally occur in the wild. Due to over-abundance, bluegill are often caught as an angler’s first fish or during kid’s fishing events. They are typically not commercially harvested from the wild for food. The majority of all bluegill raised for food are farmed in ponds, however, there appears to be growing interest in using aquaponics systems. Bluegill, hybrid bluegill, and other sunfish species can be purchased directly from farmers or pond and lake management companies. To find local businesses in the Great Lakes region selling bluegill visit the Great Lakes Fresh.

To receive the free download and recipe visit the Purdue Extension’s resource center: The Education Store – Bluegill Farmed Fish Fact Sheet.

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Amy Shambach, Aquaculture Marketing Outreach Associate
Purdue Department of Forestry and Natural Resources/Illinois Indiana Sea Grant Program

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