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Indian Creek Video 1​Since 2010, farmers in the Indian Creek watershed in Illinois have been working together to implement conservation practices and nutrient management strategies to reduce nutrient loading in Indian Creek. Postdoctoral Research Associate Sarah Church led the process of evaluating this watershed project and understanding which social conditions contributed to the project’s success. Her findings are presented in this new publication “Indian Creek Watershed Project: Key Takeaways for Success.”

In continuing sharing the research regarding the issues of Indian Creek Purdue Extension’s Aaron Doenges produced two videos. These videos focus on two key reasons for the project’s success: the people involved with the project’s steering committee; and the partnerships formed with agribusinesses.

Indian Creek Video 2In the first video, “Partnerships and People“, Terry Bachtold of the Livingston County Soil and Water Conservation District, Chad Watts of CTIC, and several others involved in the watershed project, talk about how crucial forming a locally-led steering committee was to the project’s success. Partnerships led to friendships as the group worked together to make a difference in their watershed.

In the second video​, “Partnerships with Agribusinesses“, agronomists Harold Reetz, Marion Shier, and other people involved in the watershed project discuss the importance of getting retailers like Mike Trainor involved. Agribusinesses are trusted farmer advisors, provide unique insights, and offer valuable support that can strengthen watershed projects.

Indian Creek Watershed Project: Takeaways for Success” and the accompanying videos can provide watershed and conservation organizations with valuable insights for their own watershed projects. Moreover, farmers and retailers are encouraged read this publication, view these videos and consider becoming part of something bigger. As members of a watershed join together, economic and environmental improvements can take place.

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Sarah P. Church, Post Doctoral Research Associate
Purdue University, Department of Forestry and Natural Resources

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