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Wild Bulletin, Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Fish and Wildlife: Did you know that wild game shot with lead ammunition can sometimes contain lead fragments all the way to the dinner table? Adopting different shot placement and butchering techniques can help alleviate the problem.

x-ray crop image

An X-ray of lead ingested by an animal.

When shooting: Avoid shooting animals in heavily boned areas, such as the front shoulders, as this is more likely to cause bullet fragmentation. Instead, shoot animals in softer tissue, such as around the heart and lungs, to decrease fragmentation.

When butchering: Carefully observe the wound channel in the animal and generously trim away any meat that shows bullet trauma. This will help keep fragments out of your finished meat product. Properly dispose of your trimmed meat by sending it to the local landfill or burying it on private property.

Looking for another way for you and your family to avoid ingesting lead fragments? Talk to your local retailer about finding a nontoxic ammunition that’s right for you.

To learn more please visit DNR: Effects of lead on wildlife.

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