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Young Walnut TreesAs the snow flies and the temperature drops, there are still some activities that we can do to remind us that spring is on the way. One of those is planning for tree planting. The Indiana DNR Division of Forestry operates a nursery system that provides tree and shrub seedlings to Indiana landowners. The seedlings are intended for conservation plantings for purposes like wildlife habitat, erosion control, windbreaks, and reforestation plantings. The state nursery also provides Select black walnut, red oak, white oak and black cherry seedlings for those interested in growing trees for timber. These seedlings are a result of tree breeding programs at the Division of Forestry and Purdue University. Seedlings are mostly bare-root one and two year old stock intended for spring planting. Seedlings are still available for purchase from the state nursery system. You can find ordering and contact information for the state nursery at Instructions for Ordering Tree Seedlings.

There are also several private nursery options for ordering tree seedlings in Indiana. The private nurseries may be able to offer species, sizes, and quantities of seedlings not available from the state, and can also sell trees for non-conservation purposes like landscaping and Christmas trees. The National Nursery and Seed Directory provided by the USDA Forest Service provides a directory of seed and plant sources across the region.

When planting trees and shrubs, be sure to check the suitability of your site for the species of plants you plan to use. Long-lived woody plants need to be on sites well-suited to their growth for good long-term results. You can consult the Web Soil Survey for maps and information covering the soil types on your property. You can also consult forestry and conservation professionals for advise and assistance. Purdue Extension offers several resources for planning your tree planting including publications and upcoming workshops. Check out upcoming events: Purdue Extension – Forestry and Natural Resources (FNR) Events.

So, take some time while the snow is falling to make plans for a warm spring day of tree planting.

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