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MyDNR, Indiana’s Outdoor Newsletter: As spring has sprung, so has new wildlife. It may be tempting to cuddle cute, young wildlife, but it’s important to always assess the situation from a safe distance.foxes

Young wildlife’s best chance of survival is with their mother, and your support can often unintentionally harm wildlife if that support is not needed. If young wildlife have fallen out of a den or nest, you can return them to their home and then leave the area. It is common for a mother to leave her young for long periods of time to forage for her and her young, so don’t linger around wildlife or their homes too long. Doing this can dissuade a mother from returning or alert predators to the young.

If you’re uncertain whether wildlife need assistance, contact a wildlife rehabilitator before picking up wildlife. If wildlife truly need assistance, they must be turned over to a permitted wildlife rehabilitator within 24 hours. Find a list of permitted wildlife rehabilitators on our website.

To learn more, please visit DNR: Fish & Wildlife Resources.

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