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IN DNR-Division of Entomology & Plant Pathology Report: Jarred Spokowsky, Nursery Inspector & Compliance Officer, encourages professionals and enthusiast beekeepers to check out the new Honey Bee Nutrition-A Review and Guide to Supplemental Feeding which he shared in theHoney Bee Nutrition Guide Cover February 2024 Report. The guide lists useful information and an interesting summary of research as it relates to current supplements. “You will also find real-world feedback from multiple migratory operations from around the country and what their nutritional supplement routines are,” states Jarred Spokowsky.

This guide is presented by the Honey Bee Health Coalition which brings together beekeepers, growers, researchers, government agencies, agribusinesses, conservation groups, manufacturers, and consumer brands to improve the health of honey bees.

Jarred also shared the upcoming seminar that many will want to attend March 6, 2024, presented by the Project Apis m. The seminar title is From Forage to Feeding, Honey Bee Health Seminar.

You will be able to listen to the following professionals:

  • Dr. Priyadarshini Chakrabarti Basu
    Mississippi State University
  • Dr. Diana Cox-Foster
    USDA-ARS Pollinating Insect Research Unit, Logan Utah
  • Dr. Vanessa Corby-Harris
    USDA-ARS Carl Hayden Bee Research Center in Tucson. AZ

If you would like to subscribe to the informal report by the Division of Entomology & Plant Pathology view the Entomology Weekly Review web page.

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Jarred Spokowsky, Nursery Inspector & Compliance Officer
Division of Entomology & Plant Pathology

Diana Evans, Extension and Web Communications Specialist
Purdue University Department of Forestry and Natural Resources

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