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Join this edition of Ask an Expert video series with Dr. Joy O’Keefe and PhD candidate Elizabeth Beilke as they share about their studies of bats on the Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment.

The HEE is in its initial stages and is planned as a 100-year project. Data were collected for two years prior to the first round of timber harvests and inventories have been conducted annually since, allowing us to quantify the varied responses of plants and animals to active forest management. This data will ultimately be used to develop management prescriptions that provide for resilient and sustainable managed forest ecosystems in Indiana.

If you have any questions regarding trees, forests, wildlife, wood products or other natural resource topics, feel free to contact us by using our Ask an Expert web page.

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Joy O’Keefe, Assistant professor and Wildlife Extension Specialist,
University of Illinois (Champaign) Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences

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