Helena Ho Finds Her Balance at Purdue

Helena Ho

Helena Ho, a junior studying finance at the Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business, is not quite sure what she wants to do after she graduates - but she does dream of working internationally. Helena, an Indiana native, has an internship lined up this summer in corporate finance and risk management that she hopes will be one of the many steps that she will take toward achieving that goal.

Helena’s activities outside of the classroom involve her sorority, alpha Kappa Delta Phi (aKDPhi), one of the largest international Asian-interest sororities on campus, and working with the Asian Student Union Board, where she serves as treasurer. Helena says she pushes herself to give back to the community through community service in her work with both groups. One successful event she remembers was aKDPhi’s Mr. Pink fundraiser, a male pageant that raises money for breast cancer awareness. At the time of this interview, Helena was preparing for the 15th annual Miss Asia pageant, where participants showcase their diverse backgrounds with the intent of sharing beauty and awareness of the many different cultures within Purdue’s Asian community.

When thinking back on her high school days, Helena reflected that she was never a leader. When she started at Purdue, she decided to switch things up and push herself outside of her comfort zone. Helena believes that she has always had the potential to lead - she just never used it. Growing up in a predominantly white area, she felt like she was never connected with her community. At Purdue, however, she has found her sense of community and finds great satisfaction in helping others.

Coming to Purdue was an opportunity for Helena to start anew. For some new students, arriving on campus can feel lonely – especially for students who are coming to the US for the first time. Helena recommends that students who feel this way push themselves to be more involved by joining an organization to give them balance. Her networking goal is to connect with these new students and help them grow and thrive in doing what they enjoy most while feeling belonging in the community.

When asked what her secrets to successful networking were, Helena endorses using LinkedIn. She says that aDKPhi has a national board on LinkedIn that has helped to build their leadership and networking skills with others around the country. The board has also given her finance-specific advice on her resume, spotting where there may be some weaknesses and providing advice on how to build upon them.

Working with the Daniels School of Business on her resume has helped with Helena’s leadership and professional development skills. She appreciates those who take the time to look over resumes since they have been in her shoes before. In the past, Helena has had interviews and received rejections for internships. She has taken those rejections and turned them into a learning experience by practicing what questions she has been asked to better prepare herself for the next time.

“It is important to learn how to take rejection,” Helena says. “Yes, it can be humbling, but it can also be motivating if you allow it to be. The more practice you get, the better you can be at interviewing.”

Something Helena relates that she has struggled with is taking on too much responsibility and stressing herself out. If you take on too much without help, you will burn out. It is best to remember that the teams around you have your back just like you have theirs - and don’t forget to delegate! Helena has found that others are always willing to help if you just remember to ask for it. They are there to support you.

In her free time, Helena likes to jump in her car and travel around the Midwest to support her well-being. Any time she has a free day where she can get off campus and work on her self-improvement, she’s on the road. If she is unable to leave for the day, though, Helena turns to improving in the gym.

“In the gym, I am zoned in and not thinking about my daily stresses,” Helena says. “Whatever you decide to do, it’s all about work-life balance.”

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