Shane Gibson Hammers Down the Path to His Future

Shane Gibson photo
Shane Gibson, a junior studying supply chain and sales engineering technology with a minor in construction management at Purdue, wants to use his education to own his own company someday. Coming from a family in the construction field, Shane hopes to carve his own path in construction sales as a supplier.

Outside of his curriculum, Shane is an active member of Beta Sigma Psi at Purdue. He also participates in the Mechanical Contractors Association (MCA) construction club and the Bass Fishing Club. When he gets free time, Shane likes to hunt, is active in sports like wakeboarding and skiing, and likes to hang out with his family. When interviewed, he had just returned from exploring Australia over winter break. He said the jump from thirty degrees in West Lafayette to Australia’s summertime temperatures of ninety degrees and back was fun.

“It was a good experience,” Shane says. “I recommend traveling to see, explore and experience a different culture.”

Shane was not expecting to begin his experience at Purdue during a pandemic and called the impact of COVID-19 a double-edged sword. The limitations the pandemic created helped Shane to stay focused on his studies. He felt it was a positive force for him to either go to class, log in online and get engaged. He felt that this abnormal introduction to Purdue helped to build a strong academic foundation.

Once his academic standing was solid, Shane decided to join a Greek organization to help him form desired friendships and connections. Coming from a smaller high school was an adjustment, but the Greek community helped Shane build a close-knit family on a large campus. As regulations changed, Shane had to adapt. He also knew from friends who went to schools that were 100 percent virtual that he should not take things for granted. Because of this, he took advantage of any opportunity to branch out and meet others.

During his sophomore year at Purdue, Shane won the Rising Boilermaker Award, presented to individuals who have demonstrated knowledge of and interest in campus activities and organizations. For Shane, this activity was reflected in his involvement with running the Building and Construction Management Golf Outing for the MCA.

When asked how he got involved in this venture, Shane said that he was contacted by his advisor to see if he would be interested in running the project. Shane started from scratch in building new connections and reflected on some of his past internships working in the golf industry near Chicago.

“I reached out to people I knew and asked them to help spread the word about the event,” Shane says. “There was also a spring convention in March, so I also used the opportunity to promote the golf outing there as well. Through these methods, we were able to raise $30,000 for our group.”

In building his sense of impact, Shane prefers to go “off of the trail”.

“Intentionally doing something different than what is expected helps me to relate to others,” Shane says. “I do not have an issue approaching strangers.”

When asked what he would recommend to other students so they can create an impact, Shane says, “College is tough when you are not sure what you want to do or where to start.” 

He recommends not being afraid to go out and engage with others.

“Look and see what Purdue has to offer,” Shane says. “With over 1000 clubs to choose from, there is something for everyone. By not falling in line with what everyone else does, by choosing your own path, it makes you stand out.” 

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