How Noah Frank Found Ways to Make an Impact

Noah Frank photo
You’ve made it to campus and are looking around wondering, “How can I have an impact?” You may have gone to the B-Involved Fair or found a club or organization on BoilerLink. Noah Frank found his answer in Fraternity, Sorority and Cooperative Life.

Just like many of you, Noah was unsure of how much he wanted to get involved. He also had a healthy skepticism about joining a fraternity. Once he met the members of Sigma Nu however, he felt accepted and connected – which is what he says he needed to thrive. Noah needed people who were as comfortable with him as he was with himself because he wanted to have an impact.

You can’t start making an impact on other people’s lives until you first work on yourself,” Noah says.

He’s had some turbulent times to come to this realization. Now, others in his network have begun to recognize that Noah is different because he has stopped letting others impact him in a negative way so that he can impact his community in a positive way.

"As long as you’re staying true to what you believe in and you’re doing good for the community and for others, you can have an impact,” Noah says. In Sigma Nu, he’s found an organization that aligns with this core principle.

Even as a new member, Noah was elected as LEAD chairman. This program is a four-year leadership development program that seeks to inspire ethical leadership in society. Noah brings in speakers, such as Purdue President Mitch Daniels, to talk about ethical leadership. He sees this program as his impact on his brothers as well as the world.

According to Noah, finding a way to make an impact on others during your time at Purdue is as easy as being yourself.

"Most of the time you will have an impact on someone’s life and may never know it,” Noah says. “But by being yourself and staying true to what you believe in you are bound to make one or more people smile.”

What’s a better impact than that?