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At Steps to Leaps, we firmly believe that meaningful change begins with each and every one of us. That's why we encourage campus leaders at every level to actively participate in shaping our community.

Whether you are a student leader with fresh ideas, a dedicated staff member with valuable insights, or a faculty member with a passion for innovation, your unique contributions are instrumental in driving meaningful change.

To learn more about what well-being means to us, check out the Steps to Leaps Learning Pillars.

Lend Your Expertise

We encourage you to lend your expertise by teaching a course, participating in enriching events and getting involved in our engaging projects. Together, let us inspire the next generation of leaders while fostering an environment of growth and collaboration!

StepsToLeaps-Digital-WellBeing.png Teach a Course

Facilitate one of our many learning modules in the classroom, with your team or in any group discussion.

StepsToLeaps-Digital-WellBeing.png Attend Events

Learn more about opportunities to engage with the Steps to Leaps community at Purdue University's main campus in West Lafayette.

StepsToLeaps-Digital-WellBeing.png Perspective Project

Purdue instructors (i.e., tenure-track, clinical, lecturers) now have the opportunity to receive resources and support to more actively integrate the  Steps to Leaps Learning pillars  into two of their courses. 

Steps to Leaps In Action

Take a first-hand look at the programs, organizations, and individuals who have furthered the mission of well-being at Purdue.

Learn More

Teach a Steps to Leaps Course

Are you an educator or leader on campus seeking to improve the overall well-being of Purdue students? To help you along, Steps to Leaps has curated a collection of learning modules, organized by our five learning pillars - well-being, leadership, impact, networks and grit/persistence.

With our fully scripted, easy-to-follow guides, anyone can apply these teachings to the classroom, team meetings, or other group discussions.  

Interested in self-help resources? Learn more about our self-guided learning modules.

Access the Learning Modules

Check out our resources firsthand by viewing our sample learning modules. Our remaining resources require a valid Purdue career account username and password to access.

To access current learning modules and lesson plans, please click on the lessons provided below or view the entire Steps to Leaps catalog by visiting Training@Purdue

Add A Course to Brightspace

Add a Steps to Leaps learning module to your Brightspace account by following the directions below:

  1. Select a lesson plan below or visit Training@Purdue to view our entire catalog of programs.
  2. Select your desired lesson and under "Section Details", click "Add to Cart"
  3. Log in to Training@Purdue using a valid Purdue University username and password.
  4. After accepting the Terms of Use, click "Submit" to checkout.
  5. After confirming your checkout, the course material will be accessible to you in Brightspace and will expire in 12 months.


Staying healthy in body, brain and spirit is a life-long journey. Learn strategies to improve your own well-being with steps to security, health and prosperity.


Boilermakers have a strong tradition of leadership in their careers and communities. Learn how to tap into your own strengths as you become the next generation of leaders with steps to initiative, guidance and direction.


Staying healthy in body, brain and spirit is a life-long journey. Learn strategies to improve your own well-being with steps to security, health and prosperity.


A strong network serves as a resource throughout your life. The tightest networks are created by connections with individuals and require active participation. Learn how to build your network with steps to making connections and bonds.


Life is full of ups and downs. Learn strategies to tap into your inner fortitude to overcome challenges and become your best Boilermaker with steps to resolve and character.