More Than a Paycheck

The staff in Purdue’s Student Employment Services is here to assist you in finding part-time work to help pay for some of your college expenses. Of course, earning money is the primary reason for getting a job. Cash you earn while going to school is money you don’t have to borrow now and pay back later. But there are many more benefits when you work during college.

  • Better grades. Working 8-12 hours per week while in school actually has been shown to help academic achievement.
  • Friendships. The workplace is a great way to meet people. Work savvy. While on the job you’ll be able to take on new responsibilities and develop practical skills like time management, problem solving and organization.
  • Contacts. You might even make professional contacts for after graduation. Plus working looks really good on your resume!

Looking for other jobs around campus?

The Division of Financial Aid has many resources to help students find & prepare for the employment opportunies on & around campus.

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Some of the benefits include

  • Learning experiences
  • Organizational skills
  • New responsbilities
  • Higher level of maturity
  • Establish work history
  • Transferable job skills
  • Networking opportunities
  • Alleviates loan indebtedness

Interview Tips

Anyone can make a mistake, but doing so during the job application or interview process can be a big problem. Preparation is just as important in finding a good part-time job as it is in locating a career position. A recent study conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) found that 44% of employers say it’s a job candidate’s general demeanor that first gets their attention during an interview.

Within the first minute or two of the interview the employer will already form an impression of the applicant based on appearance, manners, and attitude.

Students applying for jobs should maintain a neat, clean appearance and dress appropriately for the interview. A formal suit is rarely required for a part-time position, usually a more relaxed, yet professional look will suffice. If unsure what to wear, call the company and ask what would be appropriate. A resume may or may not be required. Students should at least have a list of previous employers, and dates worked, and 2-3 references. Applicants should be prepared to interview immediately if asked, and the student should “always” keep an interview commitment once made. If a situation arises preventing the student from making the interview, the applicant should always call and let the employer know.

Additional Information

Direct deposit

For students who work on campus, Purdue payroll uses direct deposit. Simply provide your bank account details to your department payroll clerk for quick and convenient payment.

Finance Management

Purdue's MyMoney is a website with tips on working in college, budgeting and making smart financial decisions, both during college and into your future.

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