Khushboo Jain Exemplifies Networks

Khushboo Jain photo
When life started to look different during the COVID-19 pandemic, Khushboo Jain saw the chance to pursue smarter solutions.

As a junior finance major, Khushboo Jain planned to find an internship for the summer before her senior year. The already difficult process was made more challenging when the COVID-19 pandemic shifted the way people were working and studying.

However, where some may have seen a hurdle, Khushboo saw an opportunity. Even though protocols meant she had to complete the process off-campus from her home in India, Khushboo landed her dream position with one of the world’s leading financial institutions.

Khushboo credits much of her success to how she has developed and utilized her networks, a pillar introduced by the Krannert School of Management and supported across Purdue’s campus.

“As a finance major in a business school, I learned early on that networking is essential in this field,” Khushboo says. “For that reason, I ended up reading a lot about networking in my freshman year. In my sophomore year, I started by reaching out to alumni, advisors of my clubs or organizations, and worked my way up to employees and recruiters at my target companies.”

Though sometimes presented as a naturally acquired trait, networking can be developed the same as any other skill. Deciding to practice network-building with intention, Khushboo has led an active extracurricular life, including positions in Boiler Gold Rush, the Hawkins Hall Executive Board and as a Steps to Leaps Intern. She has also used her work with the Boilermaker Consulting Group, which offers students consulting experience on real projects presented by industry clients, to build her networks.

Khushboo says that these opportunities are everywhere on campus and taking advantage of the campus experience makes it possible to tap into these resources.

“All the clubs I'm involved in have helped me develop my network — through peers, alumni, student advisors, and company presentations or tie-ups,” Khushboo says.

This foundation prepared Khushboo for success when the pandemic suddenly changed everything. By pressing on her existing networks and networking skills, she was able to take advantage of what she sees as a silver lining to working from home.

“Personally, the current situation has helped me greatly to network with more individuals who I may not have had the chance to connect with before the pandemic,” Khushboo says. “I've found that people have more time on their schedule when they don’t have to travel to meet for a coffee; they’re already behind their screens.”

In a show of gritty perseverance and inspired networking, Khushboo identified an upside amongst the challenges of working remotely.

“Despite being outside the country, I was able to secure an internship with Morgan Stanley, New York -- which is a dream come true!” Khushboo says. “Networking played a HUGE role in this, as I tried to reach out to a lot of alumni, company employees and recruiters to get my foot in the door and for advice and guidance.”

Khushboo, who plans to apply her concentrations in data analytics and management consulting to a career in financial technology, models how to think creatively about making difficult situations work.

She also encourages her fellow students to overcome their fears and remember they are part of the Boilermaker community:

“I would tell everyone to start early and to not be afraid to make mistakes,” Khushboo says. “I would also strongly suggest reaching out to alumni -- you can build very strong connections with alumni and most are more than happy to help you out as they were once in your shoes.”