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Networks Student Spotlight - June - Jackie Christon

Student Spotlight

Jackie Christon Exemplifies Networks

Jacqueline “Jackie” Christon is a natural communicator who relishes getting to know people and learning about their careers and worlds. Her innate sense of curiosity about others has served her well in organizations at Purdue, and as she launches her career as a spring 2020 graduate. Jackie embodies the Steps to Leaps pillar, “networks.”

Originally from Detroit, yet recently living in Indianapolis, Jackie majored in organizational leadership. Beginning in her freshman year, she was involved with Purdue’s Civic Engagement and Leadership Development (CELD), which offers leadership conferences, community service days, and more.

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Dr. Louis Tay

Well-Being Tip of the Week

Remaining hopeful

In the midst of global challenges, many people are drawn to commiserating together. Sharing our hardships is a way to connect and validate our experience. While this response is extraordinarily appropriate, we can also go too far. We can see the world in bleaker terms than it truly is. We can ultimately lose hope.

What is significant to consider, though, is that no one truly knows whether the future will be brighter or bleaker. Epidemiologists and public health officials are unable to provide exact predictions for COVID. Market pundits cannot tell us how the stock market will fare. Remarkably, this open-endedness gives us grounds to choose our mindsets. Do we spiral down the rabbit hole of pessimism, or do we choose optimism?

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