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Leadership - July 2021 - Shamari Walker

Student Spotlight

Reflections on Leadership from Shamari Walker

For Shamari Walker, leadership comes naturally. He shares some reflections that may help those for whom leadership doesn’t come as easily.

Sometimes, you just know that you need to take the lead. For Shamari Walker, this has happened often. The first time was when he was 15. Nobody wanted to hire such a young person to support the technology for their company but he knew he could do it. So, he started his own technology development company.

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Dr. Louis Tay

Well-Being Tip of the Week

PSY 12300 - Beyond Mental Health: The Science of Well-Being

If you have enjoyed learning about different well-being tips, what about taking a course on well-being this Fall 2021?

Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays 
Time: 9:00am - 10:15am
Location: WALC B074

This course seeks to provide a scientific and psychological account of well-being - its definition, determinants, and outcomes. We address questions such as: How do we go about measuring happiness? Can happiness enhance longevity and health? What interventions can promote happiness? What types of societies are happier? This course will engage and challenge you intellectually and experientially as we work on enhancing happiness in our lives and in the lives of others around us.

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