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Student Spotlight

How Noah Frank Found Ways to Make an Impact

To Elizabeth Parmenter, Networks are built through intentionality.

You’ve made it to campus and are looking around wondering, “How can I have an impact?” You may have gone to the B-Involved Fair or found a club or organization on BoilerLink. Noah Frank found his answer in Fraternity, Sorority and Cooperative Life.

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Dr. Franki Kung

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Well-Being Tip of the Week

Pursuing Both Imminent and Long-Term Goals

We have all been in there: a big project gets assigned at the beginning of the semester. You plan to work on it for a few hours every week. But somehow, the night before the deadline arrives, you have barely made a dent in the work. So now, you are stuck working late and wondering, “why didn’t I work on this all semester!?” You are not alone in this struggle. Research shows that most people tend to prioritize goals with shorter deadlines. While this tendency might have saved you from missing some homework assignments, it might be keeping you from accomplishing some significant goals. Take as evidence the stack of untouched books on your shelf or gym membership you have yet to use. 

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