By using several resources on campus, Emily balances school and other interests

Emily Cain photo
Emily Cain, from South Bend, Indiana, is a junior majoring in English education with a theatre minor. Emily values well-being, but in the transition from high school to college, she experienced a common issue, becoming stressed and overwhelmed.

She began going to a therapist through Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). Emily finds that seeing a therapist significantly increases her mental well-being and, “has made me be more open to asking others for help when I am in a time of need.”

Emily promotes her overall well-being by making sure she balances her school work with free time on campus. Emily stated, “I make sure that school work does not take over my life. Yes, academics are important and the main reason I am here, but I have to make sure I am enjoying my free time on campus as well.”

Emily enjoys the activities and shows offered by PSUB and Convocations as well as spending time at the CoRec. Emily reports that a set gym schedule, “has become something I enjoy instead of dreading because I like the outcome I see.”

Emily also makes the most of her time on campus; both using valuable campus resources and volunteering. She utilizes the Purdue Writing Lab, Counseling and Psychological Services, and the CoRec. She volunteers on the executive board of the Convocations Volunteer Network (CVN) that provides ushers to shows on campus.

She works closely with the theatre department and has painted sets and served as a production assistant and assistant stage manager.

Off campus, Emily is training with the local roller derby team, Lafayette Roller Derby. It often surprises people to learn she plays, and Emily states, “I’m still pretty new at it, but it’s such a fun and active sport to be involved in.” Emily was nominated by CVN advisor, Christy McCarter. Christy believes Emily, “exemplifies well-being by taking care of herself in body, brain, and spirit.”