Perspective Project


Purdue astronaut Donald Williams remarked, “For those who have seen the Earth from space and for the hundreds and perhaps thousands more who will, the experience most certainly changes your perspective. The things that we share in our world are far more valuable than those which divide us."

Like the experience of seeing the Earth from the moon, when we allow ourselves to experience new perspectives we open ourselves up to what unites us. In step with Purdue’s rich history of expanding how we view the world, the Perspective Project seeks to unite the unique viewpoints of instructors, staff and students in a pioneering initiative to incorporate well-being concepts into the academic curriculum.


Students will be given reflective opportunities to make connections between their academic pursuits and personal well-being. Instructors will gain a deeper perspective of their students’ well-being and experiences through these reflections. Campus resource professionals will be allowed to share campus services that contribute to students’ pursuit of well-being. By sharing their unique perspectives, instructors, staff and students will create a richer human experience at Purdue and beyond.

Fall 2024

Through the Steps to Leaps Perspective Project, 12 Purdue instructors (i.e., tenure-track, clinical, lecturers at Purdue West Lafayette and Purdue Indianapolis) can receive resources and support to more actively integrate the S2L pillars into one of their fall 2024 courses. The timeline of the project includes spring 2024 application and selection, summer 2024 training and development, and fall 2024 course integration implementation.

The 12 instructors selected as 2024 Perspective Partners will receive a pre-tax stipend of $1250 and will be supported through:

  • Perspective Partner summer training session scheduled for July 11, 2024, from 9am-3pm (Location TBD).
  • Partnership with campus resource professionals who will assist with bridging classroom concepts with the S2L pillars and relevant campus resources.
  • Community engagement with other Perspective Partner instructors (3 meetings during Fall 2024).

To apply to be considered as a S2L Perspective Partner, please submit the following information by Wednesday, April 3rd to Kelly Lough (

  • A cover letter that includes:
    • Rationale for the course you are submitting. Describe your course and why you believe it has strong potential for impact (e.g., number of students, nature of the course) when incorporating the Steps to Leaps pillars. Courses must have at least 20 students enrolled to be considered.
    • Steps to Leaps pillar integration. Each Perspective Project course will incorporate two of the five S2L pillars. The well-being pillar is required for all Perspective Project Classes. You will choose the second. Describe your initial ideas for how both pillar concepts could be woven into your course (e.g. how do the pillar topics connect with your subject? How might the pillars be seen through the lens of your course?).
    • Initial thoughts about a campus resource office(s) that could be considered as your collaborative partner, including serving as a guest lecturer during a class session. Consider which resource relates to your chosen pillar. We will do all we can to honor requests but cannot guarantee your mentioned office will be possible.
    • Tentative idea(s) for a course-based reflection assignment connected to the S2L pillars. Each Perspective Project course is to design a reflection assignment that challenges students to think critically about how the chosen pillars relate to the course curriculum and/or help enhance their own well-being.
  • Current syllabi for the courses you are submitting—with notes about potential points of S2L integration.
  • Instructor CV

As part of the project, Perspective Partners agree to complete brief project-related assessments/evaluations and to attend the Steps to Leaps Summit in Spring 2025. Any questions should be directed to Heather Servaty-Seib, Will Evans, or Stephanie Knight