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Covid-19 related Illness and Concerns:

When to come to PUSH for testing:

  • When you have symptoms of Covid listed on the CDC website
  • You are going on university supported or sponsored travel
    • COVID PCR results take 48 - 72 hours to receive
When not to come to PUSH for testing:
  • General peace of mind
  • Any other testing when you are not experiencing symptoms

Additional resources:

  • If you test positive using an at-home Covid-19 test and you would like to see a PUSH provider you can schedule an appointment by calling 765-494-1700, or online using the Patient Portal.
  • If you test positive using an at-home Covid-19 test and you do not want to see a provider stay home and away from others. If you need assistance with absence notifications or isolation contact
  • Additional guidance regarding home care can be found on the CDC website.

Our Mission is Your Health

Welcome to PUSH!

At PUSH, our mission is to provide quality, compassionate, culturally competent and safe care to members of the Purdue student community.

Our staff of board-certified physicians and nurse practitioners provide student-oriented primary care as well as ongoing care for chronic conditions. Our single-minded focus of protecting your health and wellness allows you to focus on your educational and personal goals. Please visit Medical Services to see everything we have to offer. To learn more about our PUSH providers, please visit our provider biography page.

Purdue University Student Health Services is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC).



February 17, 2022

PUSH will continue to require that all staff, visitors and patients wear a mask while inside our facility. If you do not have a mask one will be provided to you at a Welcome Desk location.

Covid-19 What To Do
January 31, 2022

We understand that information overload is a huge issue when it comes to Covid-19 and it's variants. Please remember that PPHC is the main contact on campus for all things Covid-19 related. But when it comes to taking care of yourself we want to step alongside you and help.

Since there is no prescription that can cure you of the virus, our Medical Director, Dr. Nadelson has crafted a document detailing what to do when you find yourself with Covid-19 symptoms. These self care instructions will help you to take better care of yourself and to get you back to normal activities as quickly as possible. Be Well, and Boiler Up!

NEW! Patient Portal Update to include Health History Form
December 10, 2021

You are now able to update your complete medical history through your secure and confidential Patient Portal site. Updating this information prior to your first PUSH appointment helps you to have a faster and more successful visit by giving your provider all of the information he/she needs before seeing you. If you have not already filled out this form prior to booking an appointment at PUSH, you will be asked to do so. Add this to your checklist of tasks to be completed now and save yourself from doing it at the last minute when you might not have as much time.



Steps to Leaps June 2022 - Preparing for College Life
May 26, 2022

Each month PUSH contributes to the Purdue Steps to Leaps initiative in helping students "excel on his or her own path to achieve personal goals" by focusing on the wellness pillar. This month we turn our attention to preparing for college life. Read more in this month's article here. Or by clicking on the Steps to Leaps tab on the left side of this page.

PUSH Does Not Provide Doctor's Notes for Missed Classes
November 11, 2021

PUSH supports the University Senate policy regarding unanticipated absences and does not provide notes excusing students from class.

Only your professor can excuse you from class.

Our appointments are limited in number and should not be utilized for students wishing only to obtain a note excusing them from class.


  • Refer to your class syllabus to find out your professor's expectations.
  • Communicate with your professor as soon as you know you are too ill to attend class.
  • Ask if you can make up your work or if deadlines can be extended.

Your Provider Will Need to Know Your Current Medications
October 25, 2021

To expedite your provider visit, please bring pictures of your medication bottles to your appointment.

Late Cancellations and No Show Fees
September 8, 2021

Beginning Monday September 13, 2021, all appointments not canceled more than 2 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time will result in a $25.00 late cancellation fee. There is a high demand for PUSH services. Late cancellations and no shows take away opportunities for other students to get care when they need it. You may cancel appointments by calling 765-494-1700 or through the Patient Portal. Additional information about our no show policy and how to appeal a no show fee can be found here.

Credit Card Payments At PUSH
August 31, 2021

Beginning October 1, 2022, to protect the security of our patients, PUSH will no longer be accepting credit card payments over the phone. We will continue to accept credit card payments in person. Any unpaid balances not paid in person will be sent to the Bursar's office and can be paid through their normal processes.

Medical Management of ADD/ADHD
June 7, 2021

As a new Purdue student, you may have some questions about managing your ADD/ADHD. Options are available on campus and Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) may be the best source of therapy and medical management for you. However, if you have no other psychological concerns and you have a history of stable and medically managed ADD/ADHD, PUSH medical providers may be the answer for prescription management. Because PUSH has a specific process to ensure that you are receiving the care you need, please review the information regarding ADD/ADHD care provided on our Medical Services page, and make your Triage appointment (765-494-1700) soon after you arrive on campus in the fall.

Voicing Concerns at PUSH
October 19, 2020

Our goal at the Purdue Student Health Center is to provide you with the best possible care and services. If your experience did not meet our goal, please let us know by contacting the Student Health Center Patient Advocate, Marilyn Foster, at 765-494-1720, or in person at PUSH room 132. You may also report your concern to the Purdue University Enterprise-wide hotline 866-818-2620 or

Because we know that health insurance and billing can also be a source of concern, we want to help with that as well. Please contact Lori Blair, Business Services Manager at 765-496-3138 for billing and insurance concerns.

Detailed medical bills are available to students online for up to 2 years from their date of service through the Patient Portal.