Staying healthy in body, brain and spirit is a life-long journey. Learn strategies to improve your own well-being with steps to security, health and prosperity.


Boilermakers have a strong tradition of leadership in their careers and communities. Learn how to tap into your own strengths as you become the next generation of leaders with steps to initiative, guidance and direction. 


Every Boilermaker strives to leave their footprint and world-changing examples can be found throughout Purdue’s rich history. Learn the importance of creating an impact through your everyday actions with steps to modify, touch and influence.



A strong network serves as a resource throughout your life. The tightest networks are created by connections with individuals and require active participation. Learn how to build your network with steps to making connections and bonds.



Life is full of ups and downs. Learn strategies to tap into your inner fortitude to overcome challenges and become your best Boilermaker with steps to resolve and character.


What tools are contained in a pillar?

Evaluation worksheets, action plans, motivational videos such as TED Talks and more help students celebrate their strengths while learning paths to improvement.

Students learn how to find and access Purdue’s wealth of resources available through the Office of the Dean of Students. These resources include Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), academic assistance, safety and well-being support, financial assistance, legal services and more. When a student has a challenge or a question, Purdue has the person and/or program to help.  


Know a student, faculty or staff member who exemplifies one of the Steps to Leaps learning pillars? Be sure to use the Steps to Leaps Showcase Nomination Form here to have them highlighted!