Sabria Croom’s Take on Impact, Well-Being and Grit

Sabria Croom photo
Volunteering comes naturally for Sabria – it is just part of her personality. She says that the strong family and network of “family that isn’t even my family” that she had growing up has made her want to create impact by helping others and being involved in her community.

“I’ve always been a giving person, and that brings me joy,” Sabria says. “I feed off of that energy to try to help as many people as possible. I’m like – gosh – I’m so lucky, and it just moves me to want to contribute to others…being able to give back is always a plus for me.”

Sabria admits that being a leader has not always been easy, recalling that the first time she hosted an event was particularly challenging.

“I learned that you have to ... take time (for yourself) if you are overwhelmed in the situation and breathe,” Sabria says.

She also says that the process of learning how to prioritize yourself is not something that happens overnight and that she is still on that journey today.

Back when the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, Sabria dealt with the constant changes she faced by keeping an open mind and working towards positive solutions. A sophomore at the time, Sabria says that she dealt with the uncertainty by focusing on her future goals and trying to make the best of what was handed to her, ultimately reminding herself that the pandemic was only temporary.

When asked how she defines “grit,” Sabria describes it as being able to conquer and preserve through daily tasks, especially those we find most difficult. Sabria feels she has already developed some grit through her many life experiences, including school and past events that didn’t go as planned. When things get rough and she needs to blow off steam, she focuses on her well-being. An everyday “go-to” for her is listening to music or watching uplifting movies with heartfelt meaning. We have to admit – she is on the right track there!
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