Matt Stachler Exemplifies Building Networks to Support Well-Being

Matt Stachler photo
Matt Stachler knew in grade school that he had a passion for connecting with people and politics. In the sixth grade, he paged at the Indiana Statehouse for state Sens. Dennis Kruse and David Long. He also connected with his peers through opportunities like Boy Scouts, in which he obtained the rank of Eagle Scout.

These connections continued to grow throughout his high school years during his two terms on the Serve Indiana Commission and the Indiana Legislative Youth Advisory Council, along with a plethora of additional experiences. It culminated in a call from the White House and the opportunity to facilitate the motorcade drivers for Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Fort Wayne.

How did he balance everything? Matt said he “was overwhelmed when he started doing all this stuff” and it was his father who suggested that he focus, noting that there were limits to what you can do and told him, “You can’t say yes to everything.”

His parents and siblings also have supported him over this past year as he’s struggled through his first year, as did many of his peers.

“I have a really good support system at home," Matt said. "I’m a triplet. My parents have always supported me throughout school and with all my ambitions. And then this past year I guess it’s been hard for everybody. My network has helped support me through the whole pandemic.”

But it wasn’t only his family that has supported his well-being through the pandemic. Matt’s network extends to the Fort-Wayne Mayor, Tom Henry, as well as members of Congress. They have also helped support him through this trying year. Matt said that just stopping in to talk to the mayor or having a congressperson reach out has really had an impact on his well-being,

“The fact that they’re willing to come and check up on me during this time really means a lot,” Matt said. Matt also has advice for others trying to build their network or finding balance for their well-being,

“Make connections every day,” he said, and “know your boundaries.”

This past year has been challenging for everyone. If you or other students are struggling to find a network to support well-being, there are resources available. You can find others that have the same interests as you by visiting BoilerLink. You can also find support from CAPS or Student Support Services.