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Though we can't avoid struggles in life, it is within our power to navigate through them with courage and determination.

Leadership is the ability of an individual or a group of people to influence and guide followers or members of an organization, society or teamTo do this they create an inspiring vision, then motivate and inspire others to achieve it. 

By learning strategies to cultivate leadership, we at Steps to Leaps hope to empower you to embrace opportunities for growth. 

To help you along, we've curated a collection of content geared toward helping you develop this crucial pillar of well-being.


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With our fully scripted, easy-to-follow guides, anyone can apply these teachings in a group or individual setting.  

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What Does Leadership Look Like?

Ashley Bagadiong photo

Ashley Bagadiong's Inspiring Take on Grit and Developing Her Leadership Skills

Ashley Bagadiong, a senior in the Davidson School of Chemical Engineering, has big aspirations for her future career. The first goals she has set for herself are to work in the consumer-packaged goods industry and run for office someday.   

Ashley says she has developed a passion for politics during her time at Purdue. Early in her academic career, she enrolled in the Leadership and Development Initiative's (LPDI) Citizens Academy Course ILS 495. Citizen's Academy is a unique course in that it connected students with local community members who have a passion for being civic agents. As part of the course, Ashley met with local leaders and engaged in impacting societal issues. After this inspirational experience, Ashley realized that this was how she wanted to impact her community. 

Learn more about Ashley here.

Student Spotlights

We celebrate Boilermakers at every degree level who are making strides towards self-betterment and exemplify one or more of the Steps to Leaps learning pillars - Well-Being, Leadership, Impact, Networks and Grit/Persistence.

Read more stories about students actively fostering Leadership in their everyday lives below.

How Can We Develop Leadership?

Sara Huffman

Sara Huffman on Folding Kindness into your Life

Can you think of a time when someone did a small random act of kindness toward you? How did you react, and what did you feel? Now think about it from the opposite perspective. How do you think the person doing the act felt?  

Prosocial behavior is when you do something positive for someone without any expectations of what you’ll receive in return. You exhibit this when you volunteer for an organization, get a gift for someone just because, donate to a fundraiser or charity, or even just share a snack with someone. Researchers have shown that participating in prosocial behavior may help to reduce the negative effects of stress in your everyday life. Not only does it uplift someone else's day, but it also benefits you as well! 

Continue reading Sara's Well-Being tip

Well-Being Tips

Here are some tips to help cultivate your own Leadership potential.

Student Testimonials

Learn more about the first-hand impact of Steps to Leaps, as students and others share their experiences with the initiative and how they have incorporated the Leadership well-being learning pillar into their daily lives. (Purdue login required for access.)

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What does the research say?

There is considerable research showing us the importance of developing Leadership skills in holistic well-being.