Enhancing and Improving Holistic Well-Being

Steps to Leaps was created by students for students and is aligned with long-term university goals under the Provost Map for Transformative Undergraduate Education.

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Well-Being Tip of the Week

Christopher Greener

Jorge BandaStep to it: ways to be active this fall

College can be demanding at times with classes, work and personal responsibilities competing for your attention. One may sacrifice sleep, a healthy diet or physical activity during a busy semester. As discussed in previous Well-Being Tips of the Week, sleep plays an important role in your health and there are local resources available to help students who are food insecure. Physical activity also plays an important role in adult health by lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes, reducing the risk of depression and lowering anxiety.

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Student Spotlight

Ryan Daniels

Andrew Eichenmeier on Using Purdue’s Opportunities Today to Be a Better Leader Tomorrow

Andrew Eichenmeier, a senior studying political science, has just a little time left to decide what his next steps will be after graduation. He enjoyed working for a government defense contracting agency last summer, just finished applying for a fellowship in Indianapolis and is waiting for his LSAT results. Andrew certainly understands and values the education and opportunities that he has been given at Purdue to help prepare him for his next giant leap – whatever that may be.

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