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Impact - February 2021 - Jill Reabe

Student Spotlight

Jill Reabe Exemplifies Impact

One of the most important lessons Jill Reabe has learned during her time at Purdue is that impact does not have a specific size, shape, or timeline.

Rather, if students can hone the small-scale impact they make on a daily basis, they will be better prepared to pursue their goals in college and beyond.

“My definition of what counts as impact has really shifted. At first, I only saw impact only as huge, wide-ranging movements that change things globally and/or nationally. Now, I see that impact can be different depending on someone’s goal."

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Dr. Louis Tay

Well-Being Tip of the Week

Interrupted Work and Stress

Many of us are so used to dividing our attention when working and studying. We straddle between our project and responding to emails. We weave between studying and social media.

We have become so adept at handling interruptions that we believe it hardly affects our productivity. And there may be some truth to that believe.

A study conducted by Mark and colleagues showed that people can compensate for interruptions. We do so by working faster to achieve similar levels of productivity as those who were not interrupted.

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