Steps to Leaps Student Launch

Who and what areas make up Steps to Leaps

What makes Steps to Leaps unique? 

Founded in 2019, we are a young organization driven to make a big impact! Any student at the West Lafayette campus can get involved in Steps to Leaps Students, regardless of class, major or degree level. 

  1. Faculty and Staff Support
    We are supported by the Office of the Vice Provost, which helps us with organizing large events on campus, building relationships with faculty and impacting student life at every level.

  2. Campuswide Network 
    As student leaders, we know that we are stronger when we work together! By partnering with other student organizations, we hope to expand each of our member's personal networks and ensure that all Purdue students have the opportunity to engage with our mission.  

  3. Focus on Student Success 
    Our events are focused around building competence in the five Steps to Leaps learning pillars that are known to improve your college experience. By helping to support your fellow students, you will gain the skills you need to improve your own success and well-being. 

  4. Flexibility, Openness 
    We pride ourselves on our flexibility, openness to new ideas and creativity. We encourage leadership and initiative at every level, and as a member of a young organization, you will have an incredible opportunity to impact your community regardless of class, major, or degree level. 

Getting involved with Steps to Leaps Students starts with following us on BoilerLink and Instagram to stay up to date on upcoming events, programs and leadership opportunities! We welcome all students at the West Lafayette campus regardless of class, major or degree level to become members. 

Membership activities include leadership development workshops, relaxation and well-being activities, alumni networking events, collaborative campus programs and more. Organization members can run for student organization officer positions and lead project committees within the organization. 


Meet our Officers

Steps to Leaps Students allows all members to run for registered student organization (RSO) officer positions every year. Our student leaders drive event hosting and planning, lead project committees and serve as representatives of the Steps to Leaps initiative.

Meet our current RSO Officers below!


hannah-close-shot.jpgHannah George

"My favorite part is the weekly events and the variety of activities that we get to put on. I like knowing that we are making a difference for both students and the community as a whole."

Hannah George is a senior majoring in marketing and English. She is a member of Purdue Marketing and Communications (MarCom) and the Purdue Marketing Association, which serves as a liaison between undergraduate students and industry professionals. She is also a member of the Purdue Outing Club and the Student English Association.

George joined the Steps to Leaps Students organization because she was looking for a way to get more involved on campus. Steps to Leaps stood out because of the values and pillars. She sees it as a very unique and important organization, because it focuses on betterment for everyone across a variety of areas.

Her favorite Steps to Leaps Learning Pillar is well-being.

"I think that it's one that can be easily overlooked in the grand scheme of things but is nevertheless incredibly important," George says. "It lies at the core of everything that we do and is vital to staying happy/healthy."


Sanjana Kaushiksanjana-close-shot.jpg

"My favorite part about Steps to Leaps is getting to be part of so many activities targeted towards different aspects of our lives. I also like getting to see the organization grow since it is relatively new."

Sanjana Kaushik is a senior studying economics. She is involved in the Purdue Economics Association, an organization dedicated to advancing opportunities for Purdue students studying economics. She is also member of the South Indian Association, which is an organization that celebrates South Indian culture at Purdue University.

She joined the Steps to Leaps Students organization because she saw it as an organization that would help her grow as a person. She believes that all of the pillars that Steps to Leaps stands for are vital for success in college and beyond.

Well-being is Kaushik's favorite learning pillar.

"Amidst our busy lives in college, we often forget to take care of ourselves," Kaushik says. "The well-being activities conducted by Steps to Leaps have always helped me de-stress and focus on myself."

Ashley Lamb ashley-close-shot_df-edit.jpg

"We always have fun and we are like a little family! We also have great events that have helped me as a student in many aspects."

Ashley Lamb is a first year Professional Student in PharmD Program. She is a committee member for the American Pharmacists Association Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP), an organization advocating for student pharmacists. She is also a member of the Industry Pharmacists Organization, an organization providing professional development, leadership, and networking opportunities for industry professionals.

Lamb joined the Steps to Leaps Students organization to get involved on campus in a fun way beyond academics.

Lamb’s favorite Steps to Leaps learning pillar is well-being.

"It is so important to take time for ourselves as students because life gets a little stressful and overwhelming at times," she says.

Luke Thesierluke-close-shot.jpg

"My favorite part of Steps to Leaps is being exposed to people of different majors and backgrounds. Coming from Indiana as a CM major, mostly everyone I have been around have similar interests and backgrounds."

Luke Thesier is a senior studying construction management. He is a member of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Indiana (MCA), an organization dedicated to promoting communication and networking between chapter members and industry professionals. He is also active in various intramural sports leagues.

He joined the Steps to Leaps Students organization in order to broaden his professional skills beyond the world of construction.

Thesier’s favorite Steps to Leaps pillar is grit/persistence.

"When things get tough this is an essential pillar to have the will power to get through those tough times," he says.

Rocco Bartolini

    “I joined Steps to Leaps because I needed to find a home away from home! I have found agreat group of people to call my second family!”

Rocco Bartolini is a sophomore in pre-pharmacy. Additonally he is a member of Pre Pharmacy Club and representative for Student Life Student Advisory Board. Bartolini says, “My favorite pillar has to be well-being. I love being able to take break from school and focus on giving my brain a break! Having the resources at my disposal to be able to give myself a break every now and then is a very important tool that Purdue provides for every student.”


Seth Kricheff

“My courses and major limit the people I interact with. Steps to Leaps allows me to see people of different backgrounds every week."

Seth Kricheff is a Junior in computer engineering. Additonally he is a member of Undergraduate Research. He joined Steps to Leaps to obtain a diverse skillset of experiences to prepare me for after college. Kricheff says, "My favorite pillar is Well-Being because it is the most important aspect of growth to me. Without maintaining your well-being, it's hard to achieve any of your goals."