Grit / Persistence

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Understanding Grit/Persistence

Though we can't avoid struggles in life, it is within our power to navigate through them with courage and determination.

Grit, also known as persistence, refers to the unwavering determination and resilience to persevere through life's inevitable ups and downs. It is the knowledge that each obstacle overcome leaves us stronger and more prepared for the journey ahead.

By learning strategies to cultivate grit/persistence, we at Steps to Leaps hope to empower you to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth. 

To help you along, we've curated a collection of content geared toward helping you develop this crucial pillar of well-being.


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Take self-improvement into your own hands with our self-guided learning modules.

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Read about the many individuals who have incorporated Grit / Persistence into their holistic well-being.

StLicons-GritPersistence.pngWell-Being Tips of the Week

Each week, the members of our Research Collaborative share valuable advice on improving your personal well-being and overcoming the challenges of life.


Grit / Persistence Related Research

Read research that explores the importance of Grit / Persistence in our overall well-being.

Learning Modules

Whether you're on your personal journey towards personal growth or you're a campus leader seeking to improve the overall well-being of the Purdue community, we have resources for you.

With our fully scripted, easy-to-follow guides, anyone can apply these teachings in a group or individual setting.  

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What Does Grit Look Like?

Kelsey Kruyer photo

What Does Grit Look Like?


Kelsey Kruyer, a junior studying biomedical health sciences on a pre-dental track with minors in anthropology and psychology, is passionate about her role as a resident assistant (RA) at Meredith Hall. Kelsey says that some of the inspiration for what she does today stems from the unusual situation of arriving at Purdue as a first-year student during the pandemic.

Learn more about Kelsey here.

Student Spotlights

We celebrate Boilermakers at every degree level who are making strides towards self-betterment and exemplify one or more of the Steps to Leaps learning pillars - Well-Being, Leadership, Impact, Networks and Grit/Persistence.

Read more stories about students actively fostering Grit/Persistence in their everyday lives below.

How Can We Build Grit?

Louis Tay

ChatGPT’s advice for Purdue students stressing about final exams

ChatGPT, OpenAI’s large language model chatbot, has captured the public’s imagination since it became widely available for testing. ChatGPT is capable of some remarkable feats, such as passing the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), and being able to understand the humor in visual memes. However, ChatGPT also underperforms in many areas. It can produce untrue information, especially when it is asked to produce sources or references that turn out not to exist. Under certain circumstances, it can also provide harmful or illegal information.

Continue reading Louis Tay's April 2023 Well-Being Tip of the Week...

Well-Being Tips

Here are some tips to help cultivate your own Grit / Persistence.

Student Testimonials

Learn more about the first-hand impact of Steps to Leaps, as students and others share their experiences with the initiative and how they have incorporated the Grit/Persistence learning pillar into their daily lives. (Purdue login required for access.)

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What does the research say?

There is considerable research showing us the importance of Grit / Persistence in holistic well-being.