Mayhan on Making a Major Impact at Purdue

Carter Mayhan
Carter Mayhan, a junior studying mechanical engineering with a minor in management, is passionate about what he can bring to the table at Purdue. Outside of the classroom, Carter is a project manager for Purdue Solutions Consulting, a student-led technology and management consulting operation. In addition, Carter serves as a tour guide for the Office of Admissions Ambassador program. 

“I believe that sharing my Boilermaker passion on my tours can help potential new students understand what Purdue University has to offer and see if it is the right fit for them,” Carter says. 

Once students commit to attending Purdue, Carter takes the next step in welcoming them by serving as a student mentor for the First Year Undergraduate Mentor Corps. 

When asked what he does to maintain his personal well-being, Carter believes it is important to create a consistent routine for himself. Carter says being a student can sometimes come with a “million” exams. His advice is that it is vital to keep a daily schedule of when to eat, exercise and take breaks. He says that little things like waking up and going to bed at the same time each day can help to stabilize your mood and prevent any unwanted stress and anxiety.

As a scholarship chairman at Sigma Nu Fraternity, Carter enjoys providing support for students and creating a visible impact. Some of the work he does in this space involves piloting new programs and initiatives such as hosting a career fair, providing resume-building workshops and connecting students with the right tutor resources.

When asked if there was a story that represents how he made an impact at Purdue, Carter reflected on his time as the vice president of Alpha Lambda Delta.

“In the beginning of the year, I was leading a team of 17 different officers,” Carter says. “It was hard to work with a group that big and inspire each and every student. It was so critical for me to have a clear goal set on how to encourage students to share their ideas and collaborate with each other. It was also important to not dictate what they did, but instead inspire them to work together to accomplish their events and programs goals together. In the end it was really cool to see the transition progress over the course of the semester and see what we were all able to achieve together. Being able to step into that leadership role was hard at first, but the results were extremely impactful.”

When asked if he had any words of wisdom to share with the student community, Carter shared the following.

“Never be afraid to get involved in things that inspire you and make you passionate,” Carter says. “Combine your passions with clubs and use those efforts to make an impact. Identify what motivates you – whether it is a sense of drive or passion – and see where it leads you. You are surrounded by a support team here at Purdue, so you don’t have to do it alone. Get out there and surround yourself with a team who can help you achieve your goals.” 

That is sage advice! If you want to add Carter to your network, connect with Carter on LinkedIn.