CAPS is available for Initial Assessments
August 22, 2019

It is important for us at CAPS to meet with you in a timely manner when you are feeling the need to explore services with us. Your primary initial contact with CAPS is called an Initial Assessment (IA) appointment. The Initial Assessment appointment is the only CAPS appointment that is scheduled online by going to

Based on student feedback and our desire to be available more quickly, CAPS has increased the number of initial assessment appointments over last year. To manage the appointments and assure that the appointments are attended we open available appointments two weeks at a time and post additional IA times twice a week for the following week. If you schedule an Initial Assessment and find that a different time might better to meet your needs, please check online again on Thursday or Friday to look for additional times offered. Also note that students at times may cancel and thus free up an appointment. These are then available for others to use.

For a more detailed description of what to expect during an IA appointment, please go to our Get Started page.


Psychological Testing Services changes
July 3, 2019
Effective immediately, Psychological Testing Services offered at CAPS are suspended for the time being. We are happy to provide referral information. Please contact CAPS at 765-494-6995 for information about testing services available in Lafayette/West Lafayette; we can also work with you to explore referral information in your home area, if that would be helpful. Our deepest apologies for the inconvenience.