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Student organization members and panelists speaking at the Steps to Leaps Summit.


Why Steps to Leaps?

As an organization created by students and for students, we know firsthand the struggles our community faces. From enabling campus leaders to advocating for change in university policy, we're here to provide resources that will help you not only survive but thrive during your journey at Purdue.

We know you want to make a real impact during your time here, so we've gathered resources that will empower you to build a strong network, cultivate grit, persist through challenges, and become a leader among your peers. 

To learn more about what well-being means to us, check out the Steps to Leaps Learning Pillars.

Invest in Yourself

We've all been there, hustling day and night, pouring our energy into our work, extracurriculars and relationships. In the midst of it all, self-care often takes a backseat and we neglect our own well-being.

Steps to Leaps is here to remind you that self-care is not a luxury or an indulgence; it's a vital investment in ourselves. While taking time for yourself can feel like an uphill battle, recognizing that you deserve care, love and nourishment is the first step towards well-being.

Let's navigate this challenging journey together. We share practical tips, resources and support that will help you carve out time for self-care, even in the midst of the college whirlwind. 

StepsToLeaps-Digital-WellBeing.pngWell-Being Tips of the Week

Each week, the members of our Research Collaborative share valuable advice on improving your personal well-being and overcoming the challenges of life.

StepsToLeaps-Digital-WellBeing.pngSelf-Guided Learning

Take self-improvement into your own hands with our self-guided learning modules.

StepsToLeaps-Digital-WellBeing.pngResources on Campus

Learn more about the many individuals and organizations on campus that are here for you.


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Join Our Community

The Steps to Leaps Students organization is a holistic, campus-wide initiative focusing on providing students with tools, resources and support to master the five pillars of student success - leadership, networks, grit/persistence, well-being and impact.

Learn more about Steps to Leaps Students.


Self-Guided Learning

Steps to Leaps is here to empower you on your journey towards personal growth. To help you along, we've curated a collection of learning modules, organized by our five learning pillars - well-being, leadership, impact, networks and grit/persistence.

Interested in helping others take their first-step towards well-being? Learn more about becoming a learning module facilitator.

Access the Learning Modules

Check out our resources firsthand by viewing our sample learning modules. Our remaining resources require a valid Purdue career account username and password to access.

To access current learning modules and lesson plans, please click on the lessons provided below or view the entire Steps to Leaps catalog by visiting Training@Purdue

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Add a Steps to Leaps learning module to your Brightspace account by following the directions below:

  1. Select a lesson plan below or visit Training@Purdue to view our entire catalog of programs.
  2. Select your desired lesson and under "Section Details", click "Add to Cart"
  3. Log in to Training@Purdue using a valid Purdue University username and password.
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Student Testimonials

Learn more about the first-hand impact of Steps to Leaps, as students and others share their experiences with the initiative and how they have incorporated the learning pillars into their daily lives.

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