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MyDNR, Indiana’s Outdoor Newsletter: During the spring and summer please let us know if you think you may have seen spotted lanternfly by contacting us at 866-NO-EXOTIC (866-663-9684), or by email at Please be sure to provide your contact information and detailed information about the location. Early detection is crucial to successful spotted lanternfly management efforts.Spotted lanternfly on tree limb.

Spotted lanternfly is a major pest of concern across most of the United States. This insect is native to China and parts of India, Vietnam, Japan, and Taiwan. It was first identified as an invasive species in 2004 in South Korea and is now a major pest there. Spotted lanternfly was first detected in the United States in Pennsylvania in 2014.

In July 2021, a population of spotted lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula) was identified in Indiana in Switzerland County, near the Ohio River. A second population was found in Huntington, Indiana in July 2022. DEPP and USDA continue to conduct surveys to ascertain the extent and source of these infestations as well as determine what management strategies will be implemented.

Newsletter can be found online:  MyDNR Email Newsletter

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