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Dr. Henry QuesadaHenry Quesada, FNR professor, assistant director of Extension and Agriculture & Natural Resources (ANR) Program Leader, obtained a BS in Industrial Production Engineering from the Costa Rica Institute of Technology (Costa Rica TEC). He worked for a commercial printing company before coming to Purdue as MS and PhD student in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources. After completing his graduate education, Henry worked as a faculty member for Costa Rica TEC where he focused on undergraduate teaching and engagement with industry and communities. In 2008 Henry joined the Department of Sustainable Biomaterials at Virginia Tech as an extension specialist. At Virginia Tech, Henry developed a national extension program to increase the utilization of renewable materials to mitigate climate change, improve industry competitiveness and enhance livelihoods in rural communities. At Purdue, Henry is the ANR Program Leader where his main responsibilities are to provide leadership, strengthen and build on and off-campus relationships, articulate and communicate the ARN program’s vision, and to create a collaborative environment that fosters a culture of innovation.

“At Virginia Tech, I was able to connect with the forestry industry and communities and helped support initiatives locally, regionally and nationally. In my new position at Purdue, I am excited to continue to explore innovations and partnerships in Indiana, a state with a diverse agriculture and lumber industry from row crops to local foods to livestock to hardwoods. I am an entrepreneur at heart and believe we have many opportunities to work with Indiana farmers to identify and reach new markets with existing and new products.”

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Henry Quesada, FNR Professor, Assistant Directory of Extension and ANR Program Leader
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